Roasted Red Pepper Chili Quick


Recipe for chili quick (From jar to table in 10 minutes): Brown 1 pound hamburger. Drain. Add 19.75 oz. can of Pinto Beans and one jar of “Roasted Red Chili Quick”. Heat to serve.

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  1. Rosalie kingsbauer

    Best chili I have ever had. The sweet and spicy flavors have such a unique quality. I can’t wait to make this with some warm cornbread.

  2. Patty Gwozdecke

    I tried this chili quick at the Belle Grove Wine Festival and said I had to have it, so I bought 2 jars. I made a crock pot of chili and it turned out fantastic!!! Everyone loved it!!! The Roasted Red Pepper is savory, the ingredients are plentiful and add a nice sweet and spicy taste…Really Really good!! I will be ordering this quite frequently…

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